Hm, I wonder if I can modify that for my package delivery focus. - Turn off Mute Unknown Callers…

@hawaiiboy Yep. That’s a concern. According to what I’ve read, if the Arctic, Greenland and (worst) - Antarctic ice melts, we’re looking at a sea level rise of 77 meters. A lot of urban settlements in that zone. I’m also a bit afraid that nature handles it by sending cold water down the coast of USA, and disrupting the Golf-stream, thus making Scandinavia freezing. Nature can hold a grudge.

@hawaiiboy I was thinking about this today. The hole in the ozone layer. They (mostly) stopped using CFC’s and some other gasses, and the vital ozone layer has to a large extent been healing since then. That means, not only can we act to repair prior damage, but it’s obvious that we can do a lot of damage to the environment.

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