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2757/4000 weeks…

Lately I’ve been reading “Four Thousand Weeks” by Oliver Burkeman, and it’s been quite a wake up call for me. It’s made me reevaluate my efforts, (however small they have been), and finding I need to cut down on my leisurely options to get to do more of the things that I like the most, or get the most benefit from. Therefore I’ve made a list of all the things I’d like to do, then sorted it and picked nine things that I can do, and the rest is a list of things that I can’t do, then a list of things i can do if I get bored with the nine things I have limited myself to. I’m hoping this will make 2022 be a more focused year with deliberate efforts.

I have given away a number of devices since I after 11 years of planning to become a app maker haven’t succeeded in that, and I plan to sell off more things that clutter up my apartment.

I’ve also turned off recurring renewals for many of my semi-dormant websites and deleted some of them to relieve mental overload.

Can do:

Can’t do:

If I get bored I can:

A screenshot showing I've lived for 2757 weeks, and 4000 weeks is generally what you can expect.
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