Feature request: Ability to add books to your own Bookshelves from this page. I’ve stumbled on many that have linked to interesting books on this page, only for me not having an easy way of adding the book to my own Bookshelves. @help @manton

Bookshelves screen in Micro.Blog.

Took a walk 🚶‍♂️ Autumn woods Moss Stroking moss

Not the most fancy equipment, but it’ll have to do. Drawing book and a Pilot Dr. Grip ballpoint pen. #Inktober #Inktober2022

Drawing book and a Pilot Dr. Grip ballpoint pen.

Trip to the bookstore to buy materials for Inktober. Then back home looking at autumn leaves and moss. ☺️ Selfie in the bookshop Autumn leaves on the trees Looking at moss @hollyhoneychurch @evie 🦠

New Zealand bans export of live animals. Good news, but what about pedigree kittens and puppies?

Autumn colours.

Trees with autumn colours.

Good reasons to be cheerful today!

Just got Cory Doctorow’s Chokepoint Capitalism.


«Three massive conglomerates own the three record labels and three music publishers that control most of the world’s music. They designed the streaming industry, dominated by Spotify, which itself is (or was) partly owned by those same three labels. When Disney swallowed 21st Century Fox, a single company assumed control of 35 percent of the US box office. Google and Facebook have a lock on the digital ads that are wrapped around music, videos, and news online. Google, along with Apple, is the gatekeeper of everything mobile, giving it a massive cut on games, books, music, and movies.»

Excerpt from Chokepoint Capitalism: How to Beat Big Tech, Tame Big Content, and Get Artists Paid Rebecca Giblin

Poethicke Dehn

A plush rabbit on a moss-covered stone in the fall-colored mountain

Now I got a title for NaNoWriMo, only missing now is a plot, and 50.000 words! 😅

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